How Custom Client Portals Offer Long-term Payoffs

How Custom Client Portals Offer Long-term Payoffs

Successful companies know that standout customer service is one of the best ways to satisfy and retain clients. By the year 2020, the consulting group Walker predicts that the customer experience will even overtake price and product as the main competitive differentiator. Not only do customers expect an enjoyable customer experience, but they also want one on their terms. The online market research company Statista found that 89 percent of U.S. consumers expect companies to offer an online self-service portal as part of their customer service strategy. Implementing a custom client portal allows clients to take control of how they interact with a business, offering them effortless, personalized, and convenient access to the information they need. Here are some of the long-term payoffs of a well-designed custom client portal.

Increased Productivity

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Not unlike internal business software, custom client portals have the power to automate and streamline business processes, which will improve day-to-day productivity almost immediately. For example, contracts, project plans, proposals, and other information important to clients can be accessed securely through a client portal by both internal employees and external customers and partners. Client portals can also automate tasks that were previously completed manually, meaning fewer daily emails, phone calls, and other slow communication methods.

More Customer Control

Giving customers more control over how they interact with a business empowers them to accomplish their goals quickly and more efficiently, boosting long-term customer loyalty. Custom client portals allow customers to dictate when and how they receive your services through the portal with the use of a secure username and password. Since the portal is completely customized to meet the needs of your user experience, clients will be able to do anything from completing orders and approving deliverables to requesting an appointment or accessing training and educational materials.

An Effortless, Personalized Customer Experience

Customers are more inclined to abandon businesses when they are unable to access the information or assistance they need. Salesforce estimates that 64 percent of consumers would rather buy from a company that can meet their needs in real time. With a client portal, customers can access what they need on their terms. They can submit detailed requests and then effortlessly receive feedback and track the progress of work being done on their behalf. It provides a stress-free way for clients to monitor every step of the problem-solving process.

Businesses can also use client portals to communicate directly with customers in a specific, personalized way. As soon as a client makes a request through the portal, a representative can respond directly with information and assistance tailored to that client’s unique business needs and expectations. Clients who receive fast, relevant feedback will be able to quickly and accurately address problems and get back to business as usual.

Organization and Versatility

Client portals benefit both businesses and their clients by being a safe place to store all their important information, with security features like firewalls and SSL encryption to protect the data. Clients only need to log into the portal to find quotes, invoices, order records, and more. This also gives business representatives easy, organized access to information related to each customer. These conveniences make a client portal beneficial to both business-to-consumer and business-to-business organizations.

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