Grow Your Business with Technology that Scales.

Keeping up with policyholder demands, attracting new customers and growing your business with outdated software is hard.  Susco’s insurance experts deliver a better digital experience so you can stay ahead of the competition and scale your business.


Reduce claims expenses.


Satisfy your customers.


Process More Claims.

Simplify the Claims Management Process

Working with third party apps complicates the claims management process. We’ll integrate your third party apps with your systems, eliminating manual tasks so you can process more claims, faster. 

integrate xactanalysis with claims management softwrae
guidewire integrations

“Susco Solutions has helped us run our business ever since being hamstrung by our own resource constraints. Having them be able to step in and provide value has been our saving grace. They have a genuine understanding of our business that has helped us not miss a beat.”

 – Senior VP of IT, Alacrity Solutions

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Insurance Software Solutions

We’ll work with you to analyze your current processes and identify any bottlenecks, using our working knowledge of the insurance industry. Together, we’ll develop a solution perfectly catered for your business and its goals.

Claims Management Automations

claims management dashboard

Central Claims Management Dashboard

mobile insurance applications

Mobile Applications

Policyholder Portals

Keep Your Claims Management Systems in Sync

Manually updating information in multiple systems is time-consuming and often causes expensive errors. Eliminate multiple entry and keep your systems in sync- automatically. Connect your estimation software to your claims management software, your continuing education software to your HR software- the possibilities are endless. Automate the manual tasks and position your business for efficiency and growth.

Software Built with Growth in Mind

Clunky software not only makes your agents’ jobs managing claims more difficult- it puts unnecessary strain on your internal IT team. Build software your end users and developers will love. Implement a solution with fully optimized code and that’s ready to scale up as your business grows.

Modernize Your Customer Experience

In the Digital Age, your customers expect more transparency, faster response times, and multiple customer service options. Exceed your customers’ expectations and grant unprecedented access to accurate claims status updates with a web portal or mobile app. Give them the information they need, right at their finger tips and add hours back into your customer service team’s day.

Learn more about custom client portals and mobile apps.

Easily Access Your Data

Messy data makes for messy reporting, which makes managing your teams difficult. Turn your claims data into actionable information. Create a solution that gives you a clear snapshot of your KPI’s at any point in time, while taking into consideration all data moving across operations. Your data is there. Let’s build a seamless interface that allows you use it.

Innovate with the Insurance Tech Veterans

Choose a partner that understands the insurance industry and your business’s goals. Build software your users and customers will love, with code your developers will love.

80 collective years of insurance software development experience

35+ collective years of estimation platform integration experience

Read how Alacrity used automations to dramatically decrease their claims expenses with a custom solution from Susco.

Download the Alacrity Case Study: