Client Portals


Client portals are web and mobile applications that give clients access to data storage and other information that they need when they need it. This information can come from your own custom system or an off-the-shelf solution you use to manage client and operational data.



Has a member of your team ever lost time trying to figure out which version of a proposal a client is referring to? Or helping the client figure out which quote is current? A client portal gives both internal and external users a unified data storage resource for accessing account documents so you spend less time worrying about which document is the source of truth and more time deciding what to do with that information.


Is your core business answering emails? Almost certainly not, but clients have needs and they expect them to be met promptly and accurately. Rather than tie up your front-office staff answering basic customer queries, a Client Portal empowers users to access the latest versions of their own quotes, contracts, and other documents in real-time without taking up your time.

Customer Loyalty

Giving customers direct access to the information they need means they’re never left waiting and getting frustrated for your team to call them back or respond to their email. Customers that feel like their needs are addressed are more likely to remain engaged and responsive. Even better, a client portal makes it easy to put information directly in front of a client instead of dumping it in their inbox and hoping they get around to reading it. That translates to faster product roll-outs, higher conversion rates, and increased sales.


  • Web/Mobile Portal for Agency Clients to share documents and deliverables
  • Customer Portals for Solar Energy Customers
  • Mobile Web App to View My Vessels at Sea

Technologies Used

ASP.NET, C#.NET, HTML5/JS, Systems Integrations, APIs, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Objective, Java

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