At Susco, we believe that technology can simplify your operations and help you reach your goals faster. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to update your outdated or overworked legacy system. It’s what our software development company has been doing for more than 12 years. While we tailor our approach to the specific needs of each of our clients, we rely on six core phases that encapsulate the heart of our methodology. Through transparent communication with you along every step, we can work together to build the right software solution for your business.

Step 1: Analysis

According to the information technology resource TechRepublic, 68 percent of IT projects have an “improbable” success rate before the project ever launches—which is most commonly attributed to poor analysis. That’s why analysis is built into our methodology at Susco, and we take the time to understand your requirements for the project from the start. In fact, we’re proud that every project we have taken on has successfully progressed through to implementation.

Before we dive into any design or development work, we will critically analyze your current workflow to identify procedural gaps and understand the root causes of any operational challenges. This may even include an on-site visit to observe your team in action and gather detailed information to build our proposal. We’ll then present our solutions to your key stakeholders to get everyone on board with the new proposal.

Step 2: Designing

The design phase is where our team shines. Relying on a collaborative approach, we’ll create an easy-to-use interface that will serve your needs now and as you continue to grow. Whether it’s a mobile-friendly workforce application to help streamline your data entry or a customized solution to replace your MS Access database that is faster, more agile, and accessible from anywhere, the design stage is where we will determine your priorities and draw up the plans to build your ideal system.

Step 3: Development

Once the initial design is approved, we will develop highly effective, state-of-the-art applications that utilize a common program language to increase reliability and efficiency. By integrating existing systems into one interface, we develop software that builds on your current processes without losing the features and workflows your staff already use on a daily basis. By automating the reporting processes that take up unnecessary time, we can develop a custom solution that will improve productivity and let your team focus on the work that really matters.

Step 4: Testing

Our testing phase is focused on minimizing any risks when we go live with the project so that you will not miss a beat making the transition to your new system. After we have developed your customized product, we will put it through a rigorous testing and quality assurance process to ensure that it will work at full capacity. Any issues that occur during the testing process will be resolved, and adjustments will be made in order to maximize the product’s performance. Once we finish the testing phase, we will hand you the keys to your creation.

Step 5: Training

Our training approach is to “Train the Trainer.” Susco won’t always be there to onboard your new hires, so we work to build the internal expertise of your team. We ensure that key individuals at your company understand the system and can train others on the software. Optionally, we can produce training documentation for your team as part of the project scope. This documentation can come in the form of a user guide, or video walk-throughs of system features. We can tailor training options to fit your need.

Step 6: Implementation

It’s time to launch! The Susco team will remain involved as we accurately measure your new system’s performance, taking great care to record error rates and any new labor costs associated with the revised process. We believe in developing relationships, not just software. So, we’ll stay in close communication with you as your team adjusts to the new software and alert you to potential ways to continue to enhance your workflow experience. We know that your needs may continue to change as your company evolves and grows, so we hope to be your partner in making sure your systems match your goals.

At Susco, we apply a proactive approach to all that we do. Our six-step process has helped us deliver fast, effective results for our clients. If your cloud-based or third-party application is no longer meeting the demands of your operations, let Susco show you how a custom solution can benefit your bottom line and help your company grow. Explore our case studies to see how we’ve helped businesses across the Gulf Coast.