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Work With Susco Solutions!

At Susco, our core purpose is to enable people to contribute in meaningful and fulfilling ways by creating intuitive software that our clients’ employees use all day to do their jobs in a more productive and enjoyable way. A major part of our success is the fact that we do right by everyone—we’d rather err on the side of a financial loss than cause harm to our employees, vendors, or clients. Our company is committed to contributing to the personal and professional development of our own growing workforce.

The bar is high at Susco: You are expected to have a burning desire to grow as a human being and developer, learn from your mistakes, communicate openly with civility, get things done, and be deeply competent in software development.

Working at Susco

Susco specializes in Microsoft stack development, mobile workforce apps, and legacy system conversions.

What Susco Does

Susco transforms mid-market enterprises with intuitive software. We work across industries including insurance, construction, and shipbuilding. We bring deep knowledge of the Microsoft stack to develop quickly and effectively with code our clients love. Our company also handles system conversions, whether it’s an outdated legacy system or overpriced SaaS platform, and the development of custom cross-platform mobile applications compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Industry: Tech; Consulting
Number of Employees: 11-50 employees
Company Type: Private
Year Founded: 2005

Our Core Values


Growth is our number one cove value. Every month, we make time for individual soft skills lessons, which can be about leadership, managing conflict, or how to effectively coach others, followed up by a team meeting to discuss what everyone learned. We also take into account employees’ personal, financial, and professional goals when planning projects and other activities. Another way we embrace growth day-to-day is in the way we process mistakes: our focus is less about blame and more about what can be improved. We turn mistakes into personal growth and corporate knowledge, then we move on.


We believe everyone deserves to feel like they have been heard and understood. We don’t complain about things under our control. We accept constructive criticism dispassionately.


We believe we don’t have good days, we make them. We believe in being proactive and not reactive. Passivity leads to a lack of involvement, while our focus is on creating the future. We don’t complain, we identify and solve problems.


We believe that we are human beings first, coworkers second. We strive to be cognizant as people with lives outside of this office. As a high-performance organization, there are times of high stress. In those times, we rally to get the job done and we recognize our behavior and performance impacts our team.


We believe in learning from our mistakes the first time. We believe there is a time and place for complex solutions for complex problems. We also have the ability to decompose complex problems into simpler problems. When we see a problem or inefficiency, we have both the responsibility and ability to propose solutions.

Our Perks

15 Days annual PTO,9 Holidays

Health, Life, Dental. & Vision Insurance

Long & Short Term Disability, 401(k)

Company Leadership dedicated to personal & professional growth

3 Days annual self-directed learning days

Remote work as needed to accommodate personal matters

Ad-Hoc wellness based gifts, subsidized meditation training

Company Outings: happy hours, crawfish boils, long lunches, go-karting

Video games consoles on-site

Refer a new client and get 5% of year one’s revenue and 2.5% thereafter