How does Susco help your company realize its goals?

While we tailor our specific approach to each client, there are six core phases that encapsulate the heart of our methodology.

Step 1: Analyzation

Step 1: Analysis

After the consultation we critically analyze your current situation. Let’s identify critical procedural gaps and customize a solution to meet your unique needs. We’ll then present our solution and commence designing your exclusive application.

Step 2: Designing

Now it’s time to creatively design an easy-to-use interface that will best serve both your customers’ and/or business’ needs.

Step 2: Designing
Step 3: Development

Step 3: Development

We develop highly effective, state-of-the-art applications that utilize a common program language to increase reliability and efficiency. By integrating existing systems to one easy-to-use interface, we develop software to eliminate your needs and connect procedural gaps.

Step 4: Testing

After we have developed your customized product, we will put it through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure that it will work at full capacity. Any issues that occur during the testing process will be resolved and adjustments will be made in order to maximize the the product’s performance. Once we have finished the testing phase, we will hand you the keys to your creation.

Step 4: Testing
Step 5: Training

Step 5: Training

Now you’re in the driver’s seat and ready to go, but there might be some things that you want to know about your product. We will be there to teach you the ins-and-outs of your software and to train you on how to maximize your product’s potential.

Step 6: Implementation

It’s time to launch! The Susco team is still present as we accurately measure your new system’s performance, taking great care in recording error rates and the new labor costs associated with the revised process. So sit back and bask in the joys of your increased profit margin and happy employees.

Step 6: Implementation