Transform Your Adjusting Firm’s Efficiency with RocketClaims™

Step into a new era of claims management, powered by a legacy of industry knowledge. Our platform promises not only reduced costs and expedited processing but a new standard of precision in your operations. Unlock the full potential of every claim, effortlessly.

  • Unlimited claims volume with perpetual license
  • Minimize human error and reduce operational costs
  • Agile and Product-Based Development

Revolutionize Your Claims Management

Advanced Features for Peak Claims Performance

Roster Management
Expertly manage adjuster workloads and qualifications with ease.

Easy Client Management
Simplify client data handling, reducing per-claim costs and enhancing your firm’s profitability.

Complete a claim
Accelerate claims process to compress cycle times and deliver exceptional client service.

Mobile Adjustor Portal
Empower your adjusters with on-the-go access to claim details, reducing errors and cycle times.

High Volume, Perpetual License
Enjoy unlimited claim handling without the excessive costs.

Agile or Project-Based Development
Witness the transformation with our agile approach delivering continuous improvements.

Ready to Elevate Your IA Firm’s Performance?