Commercial Mobile Apps


Have plans for the next killer app? Want to improve the performance, usability, or design of your existing app? Or do you want to turn up the volume on your media campaign and increase your download rate, expand your user base, and grow your revenue?


Whether you’re just starting out or have a fully fleshed out UI ready to go, Susco brings a host of services to the table:


Wireframing, visual concepts, and flow design

Visual Design

Art planning and development


Demonstrated capacity in both web application and native-device development

What Comes Next?

Once we’ve finished our work, we can take your app to the next level and broader customer audiences through our partnerships with prominent internet marketing services:


  • Build an eye-catching, engaging site to promote your app
  • Increase Social Media engagement to spread app buzz far and wide
  • Improve search engine rankings to increase your app download traffic