Legacy System Conversions

The Problem

Many businesses have old programs that software developers created to help run their business. This includes MS Access databases, FoxPro apps, Visual Basic software and many more. These applications tend to be difficult to access remotely, create problems when multiple users are logged in at the same time, and most certainly do not work on mobile devices in the field. A Legacy System Conversion will become necessary or desirable when there is newer technology that can provide sufficient benefits or requirements that make older platforms and data no longer practical to maintain.

Service Overview

Susco’s software developers work with our clients to assess the current capabilities of these systems and compare them to your organization’s current needs. We’ll create a customized plan to replace your “Legacy” software with a cloud-based solution that works for all users no matter where they are. As a bonus, this unlocks the ability to provide limited system access to customers, key suppliers, and other stakeholders. Have a remote field team or other agents that are bottle-necked by a remote desktop running an ancient version of Windows? Once we update your system, a mobile application makes it easy for team members to stay active and engaged no matter where they are.

A Legacy System Conversion is not a one-time event. As new applications are created and utilized there will always be an issue with the data from the previous system. By using careful planning and technical experience, Susco Solutions can help your organization move its data forward as new applications and needs are discovered.


  • Work Order Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Sales Tracking Systems
  • Mobile Workforce Management

Technologies Used

Business Process Analysis, System Design, ASP.NET, C#.NET, HTML5/JS, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Objective, Java

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