Mobile Workforce Apps

Product Overview

In today’s business environment, organizations are under constant pressure to seek new ways to be more efficient. There is a greater focus on utilization, optimization, efficiency, conservation, and compliance. For organizations performing field services, finding new ways to continuously improve efficiency is not just good for business but is critical for survival. Mobile devices have already become a central part of providing real-time communication between all parts of an organization, but they have the capabilities do so much more.

Susco Solutions works with you to design and develop customized cross-platform mobile applications and business tools compatible with all smartphones and operating systems. It’s time to go beyond email. Mobile workforce applications allow your employees, especially remote and mobile workers, to gain access your company’s data recording systems, such as time and attendance, scheduling, and shift management. Mobile workforce apps are becoming more popular and are growing in demand, especially as technologically advanced personnel enter the workforce. As the workday becomes less defined and workers are seeing the lines between work and personal life blurred, workforce apps become a critical component of organizations. They allow for collaboration and communication from anywhere at any time, and they keep workers connected to the organization.

Mobile workforce apps are a growing trend so, of course, there are several types of workforce apps that Susco’s app developers can create depending on your specific needs. Some of the more popular types of workforce apps include mobile apps for field service, location-based, parts management, and time and attendance. Contact us today so that our app developers can get started building the ideal mobile workforce app for your business.


  • Risk and Safety Inspections
  • Electronic Medical Record Data Entry
  • Mobile Sales Lead Management
  • Document Portals

Technologies Used

ASP.NET, C#.NET, Ionic, Angular, HTML5/JS, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Objective, Java

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