Sean Thompson

Application Developer

“It’s been really exciting to see the company succeed and grow, and I can’t wait to see where we go next.”


Tell us more about your job. What’s a typical day like?

My days are pretty varied. I’ll generally work with multiple clients or on different projects in the course of a given day, spending some portion of my time on analysis and discovery and another on development tasks. Doing well on the inbound side is vital to doing well on the development side, and I find that the work I do on each side helps improve the other.

What attracted you to work at Susco? How did you know it would be a good fit?

I’ve always worked for small companies and tend to prefer the flexibility they offer. I really appreciate the genuineness Neel Sus, our CEO and CPO, brings into creating a positive, growth-oriented environment and I like having friendly and supportive coworkers.

Tell us about when you’ve felt most proud of your work or colleagues.

In recent years, we’ve done everything from developing a crime response software to building a sex offender registry to taking over management of the software portfolio for a major corporation. It’s been really exciting to see the company succeed and grow, and I can’t wait to see where we go next.

What do you value most about your company’s or team’s culture? What sets it apart from other places you’ve worked?

Neel is extremely engaged in making sure the company exemplifies his ideals, and he actively invests in everybody on the team through on-the-clock training, book clubs, health and wellness benefits, and so on. I think that effort is clearly visible to everybody and it sets the stage for people to engage positively and constructively. I think this has really paid off during the pandemic because it’s given us ways to interact socially and learn a bit more about each other than we would if we were solely talking during work meetings.

What kinds of learning and development opportunities does your company offer? How have you grown in your career during your time there?

The company offers an annual training allowance and is generally willing to help with books and training materials that are useful. Since working here, I’ve become the internal mobile development expert, successfully soloed and managed projects, and branched into sales analysis.

What advice do you have for someone in your field applying to jobs at your company?

Please, please, please don’t put things on your resume if you’re not prepared to be tested on them. It just makes the interview process uncomfortable for everybody involved.