Susco works with B2B enterprises across many sectors, with a primary focus in insurance/insurance services, but also has experience in healthcare, maritime, construction, and e-government. Our focus is web applications, systems integrations, mobile field applications, and customer portals. Our software can help update your manual processes to digital or replace legacy systems with new technology. Our software can automate your repetitive processes, empower your employees to be more productive, and better serve your customers.

Integrating with Symbility

We use the Symbility REST notification framework for the purposes of capturing relevant claim, assignment, and estimate events which assists our clients to further their own proprietary workflows and processes.

We also use the Symbility REST API to post claim information that is already being collected back into Symbility via their existing proprietary software (photos, documentation, etc.).

Developed a tool to import and normalize historical Symbility data to the client’s internal system.

  • Mobile Applications for Adjusters and Contractors that interface with Symbility
  • Upload Scope Only/Virtual inspection documents and photos
  • In the CMS and mobile application
  • Integration with Claims Management Systems

Map Overlay

  • Implemented a listener for Symbility
  • Adjusters
  • Assignment/Status updates
  • Imported data allowed management to view
  • Claims overlaid against physical locations

Integration into Custom CMS

  • Receives real-time updates for claims via Symbility notification API
  • Sets statuses, times, and assign claims through Symbility API
  • Our system allows for an agnostic approach to unifying data
  • Interprets Symbility data into home-grown system’s data
  • Identified core claims system model for client and map wholly different systems to said system model, which leads to a cohesive 360-degree view of our client’s data

Integrating with XactAnalysis

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  • Creating Assignments in XactAnalysis and uploading FNOL pdf
  • Updating Claims in Xact
  • Assignment, Reassignment, Status updates
  • Contact and Inspect Dates
  • Setup Listeners to receive updates from XactAnalysis to insert into target system
  • Supporting operational systems
  • Supporting data warehouses / reporting systems

Bulk Assignment Import

Built a web-based tool that allowed an adjusting firm’s dispatchers to upload a spreadsheet of FNOL data provided by the carrier. The uploaded data was then transmitted to XactAnalysis as assignments.

Three Way Integration

Implemented a job which polled a carrier’s FTP site for FNOL data.

  • FNOL data transmitted to XactAnalysis
  • FNOL data transmitted to the adjusting firm’s internal system
  • FNOL PDF uploaded to XactAnalysis

Implemented a listener for XactAnalysis status updates.

  • Status updates and reassignments transmitted to carrier’s internal system
  • Status updates and reassignments transmitted to adjusting firm’s internal system

API Interceptor

Implemented a listener for XactAnalysis status updates.

  • XML stored in SQL database for warehouse ingestion and BI reporting
  • API call made to adjusting firm’s internal API for real-time status updates

Map Overlay

  • Implemented a listener for XactAnalysis Assignment/Status updates
  • Imported data allowed management to view claims overlaid against physical locations of adjusters

Why Choose Susco?

The Susco team understands the challenges of developing internal business software and consistently delivers successful solutions within our customers’ desired budgets and time frames. We are transparent with our clients during the entire development process, which incorporates our core values of growth, communication, and efficiency. Our programs are equipped with a wide range of advanced solutions and capabilities.


  • Work order systems
  • Fieldwork management systems
  • Data warehousing
  • Enterprise-level reporting (across disparate systems)
  • Accounts payable automation
  • Project management and timekeeping systems
  • CRM systems


  • Solution Design
  • C#.NET
  • HTML5/JS
  • Systems Integrations
  • APIs
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Objective
  • Java

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