sync your internal systems with xactananalysis automatically
  • Integrate

  • Connect your internal systems with Xact

  • Automate

  • Pass information between systems automatically

  • Optimize

  • Focus on what’s mission critical

Eliminate manual claim management tasks with a seamless integration. Remove dual entry between your internal systems and XactAnalysis to execute claims faster and more accurately.


Initial claim assignment creation in XactAnalysis
FNOL PDF Upload to XactAnalysis
Assignment of adjuster to claim in XactAnalysis
Update of contact and inspect dates to/from XactAnalysis
Status updates from XactAnalysis

Optimize your business with a partner with 35 collective years of Xact integration project experience.

Past Projects:

Built a web-based tool that allowed an adjusting firm’s dispatchers to upload a spreadsheet of FNOL data provided by the carrier. The uploaded data was then transmitted to XactAnalysis as assignments.

Implemented a job which polled a carrier’s FTP site for FNOL data.
• FNOL data transmitted to XactAnalysis
• FNOL data transmitted to the adjusting firm’s internal system
• FNOL PDF uploaded to XactAnalysis

Implemented a listener for XactAnalysis status updates
• Status updates and reassignments transmitted to carrier’s internal system
• Status updates and reassignments transmitted to adjusting firm’s internal system

Implemented a listener for XactAnalysis status updates
• XML stored in SQL database for warehouse ingestion and BI reporting
• API call made to adjusting firm’s internal API for real-time status updates

• Implemented a listener for XactAnalysis Assignment/Status updates
• Imported data allowed management to view claims overlaid against physical locations of adjusters

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