Parish Management Consultants Internal Business Software Case Study

Going paperless benefits more than the environment. Forbes makes the case that converting your business to paperless systems can reduce clutter, give you access to important files from anywhere, and empower employees to collaborate and share documents more effectively. Susco worked with Parish Management Consultants (PMC) to transform their paper-based quality data collection system and legacy software, replacing it with a mobile-friendly web-based application that streamlined operations.

About the Client

PMC works with hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and other surgical facilities to provide anesthesia services, while also effectively integrating anesthesia-related business, financial, and operational activities with those at the client facility. They often serve as a liaison between an anesthesia group and the group’s facility to support mutual goals.

The Challenge

The previous internal management system employed by PMC combined paper-based quality forms and a legacy MS Access Application that stored the billing data and quality data. Data had to be manually inputted from the forms into the database, leaving room for human error and requiring additional manpower to complete the tasks. Without an electronic submission process, PMC was also unable to submit to their QCDR (Qualified Clinical Data Registries) Vendor in order to participate in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality program.

The Solution

Susco converted their legacy system to a web-based application that gives providers direct access to a portal to enter their quality data into the system, completely eliminating the need for the paper process. The updated system also automated the matching of billing and demographic data to the quality data entered into the system, saving an additional step.

To solve the additional problem of submitting to their QCDR Vendor, the new internal business system now marries the quality data with the correct insurance information in order to automate the submission process and streamline the workflow. The entire system is accessible remotely for added efficiency, allowing providers to access data in the field and executives to access reporting from anywhere. This highly secure system was developed according to HIPAA standards, with encrypted access and automatic logout features.

Susco has worked with many medical professionals and healthcare providers to create internal business software solutions and client portals that prioritize patient security, workplace flexibility, and operational efficiency. Learn more about our process, which is focused on understanding your business needs and building a solution that minimizes disruptions and empowers your employees.

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Technologies: C#.NET; HTML/CSS; MS SQL
Date: 2015
Category: Case Study, Business, Internal Business Software, Legacy Conversion
Tags: Legacy System, Reporting, Mobile Workforce Application

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