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Pride Centric Resources Business Software Integration Case

Posted on: March 27, 2015

Susco works with many clients to integrate new business software with existing systems in order to create a customized solution that both eliminates unnecessary work while also minimizing disruptions to employees’ workflows. With PRIDE Centric Resources, Susco integrated optical character recognition software with an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that eliminated hours of manual data entry.
As a result, the client now has the capacity to process their goal of 70,000 invoices/year, which resulted in a 35 percent increase in efficiency.

About the Client

PRIDE Centric Resources is a marketing and procurement co-operative comprised of over 100 food service and equipment supply dealers. Their objective is to promote commerce and partnerships with manufacturers, as well as provide dealers with valuable marketing and training programs. As a collective, they aggregate purchases to help members enjoy discounted pricing, making it essential to process invoices securely and quickly.

The Challenge

In order to process the influx of invoices received, the client’s employees previously had to hand key the total amount and line item data into their accounting system, resulting in a process that required 60 hours/week of manpower and opened the company up to the risk of more human errors. In addition to manually entering the data, the accounting team also had to use an Adding Machine to total figures for the invoices and manually add the results in the ERP management system. The company needed a faster way to process invoices that are sent via mail, fax, and email to the company from different manufacturers, while also being able to quickly run reports on pricing and line items from their different vendors.

The Susco Solutions

By integrating high-grade optical character recognition, or OCR software, with current ERP and document management systems, our custom software solution resulted in a reduction of man-hours by one third each week. As part of our core process, we designed the program around their current workflow and in partnership with PRIDE’s internal team of developers, so there was no heavy IT investment required to install, configure, or maintain the newly integrated system.

In addition, we created a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) database to reflect product pricing by line item in order to capture individual purchase data. This allows PRIDE to track price variations from different vendors and get the lowest possible price for equipment.

Our software solution helped achieve the following benefits:

  • Simplifies processes and increases the bottom line
  • Efficiently processes the goal of 70,000+ invoices per year
  • Eliminates manual keying, thereby reducing error and costs
  • Improves employee satisfaction and develops supplier relations
  • Aggregates invoice data to track individual purchase and pricing relation

At Susco, we care about delivering results that matter for your bottom line. Learn more about our customized internal business software development capabilities, and contact us directly to discuss your system needs.


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