SDT Productions Mobile App Development Case Study

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Commercial mobile apps can help businesses reach and engage with their ideal audience more effectively by leveraging the latest technology trends. Susco helped the New Orleans-based SDT Productions develop custom mobile apps for their French Quarter Task Force initiative in order to reduce area crime and improve communication between law enforcement and residents.

Since the launch of the apps, the task force has reported a 45 percent decrease in area crime.

About the Client

SDT Productions was founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sidney D. Torres, IV and works to improve the New Orleans area community through business development and initiatives. The organization launched the French Quarter Task Force to help keep French Quarter residents safe and informed.

The Challenge

As a primary goal of the task force, SDT Productions needed an efficient, easy way for members of the community to participate more actively in fighting local crime. Additionally, patrol officers were spending a large portion of their shift on administrative work, which decreased their response time and made their workflow less effective. Because of these two primary challenges, there was also no clear way for patrol officers and residents to communicate and work together to keep the community safe.

The Susco Solution

In order to address the needs of residents and patrol officers, as well as administrators who track and respond to incidents, Susco created three distinct applications focused on each user experience.

  1. A mobile app on iOS and Android for members of the public to report crimes using an Uber-like map and geolocation technology. Users can also post photos and text descriptions of crimes and access a public safety news feed with alerts.
  2. A management web portal application to allow task force administrators to track patrol officers’ responses to incidents and their locations in real time.
  3. A custom mobile application for task force officers responding to incidents that provides real time notifications when incidents are reported.

Through ongoing improvements, the police and administrative applications now also allow police officers to enter trip sheet information about crimes directly into the app and export a report without the need for paper forms. Additionally, police and administrators can manage shifts by clocking in and out through the app and sending shift sheets to police supervisors for approval.

The application has been downloaded more than 24,000 times since its launch, and French Quarter Task Force officers have responded to over 36,000 calls.

Susco has been thrilled to work with SDT Productions to make these highly customized applications a reality. Learn more about our capabilities in mobile app development and contact us directly to discuss how an app could benefit your business.

Technologies: iOS; Android
Date: January 2017
Category: Case Study, Internal Business Software, Mobile

Tags: Android, Customer Facing, Enterprise, Geolocation, Hybrid App, iOS, Mobile, Portal, Push Notifications

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