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The Challenges of Developing an App That Works Without the Internet

Though it may seem commonplace in the U.S., about 1.6 billion people across the world still live in places where mobile broadband networks are not even accessible. Network use in those places is typically limited to hotspot availability. This creates a big challenge for app developers. How do you cater to those people by creating an app that’s light on data usage but still appealing enough to the populace? It is a question many are still trying to answer.

App Size Matters

A person holding a smart phone App developers are often inclined to dress apps up as much as possible. The window dressing may include splash pages, auto-playing videos, high-resolution graphics, and miscellaneous landing pages for app features. This style of development is typically great until the clients realize all the bells and whistles result in an app that has slowed down significantly and may even be inaccessible to some users. By determining the core functions of an app and prioritizing them, developers can streamline an app that actually results in a faster, more user-friendly experience.

Development for Other Markets

When considering making an app lighter on data usage, it can sometimes be a challenge for developers to understand why certain ideas get cut. This could result in team morale loss or disenfranchisement with the project. Providing developers with the relevant statistics showing why a data-light app is best for certain markets and will be more appealing can help with this challenging aspect of app development. Empowering developers with ideas of innovation in a lightly touched area, rather than making them feel limited, can result in a better product overall.

Finding the Right Tools

Searching out the right frameworks and programming languages can sometimes prove to be difficult. The availability of these tools may be limited due to a dearth of current development work in this area of the field. When the right tools are found, however, they are often open-source and utilize image compressors and other tools which optimize code. Despite the challenges, there is a massive opportunity for innovation and growth throughout this sector.

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