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Four Healthy Tech Habits to Practice in 2019

Whether at work or in your own private life, chances are there are several ways you could be using technology better. The start of a new year is a great opportunity to update your relationship with technology and optimize your data, time, and health. Here are four healthy tech habits to adopt in 2019.

Keep Your Data Protected

We’ve all seen the embarrassingly bad passwords that some people use; keep your data secure by choosing one that is long, complex, and unique to each online account you visit on a regular basis. For extra security, consider using a two-step authentication tool, which protects accounts with more than just a password. And the old tips still apply: never send critical information over unsecured messaging services, and wait until you’re on a secure, trusted Wi-Fi service before doing anything sensitive online.

Curb Social Media Use

Consider how much time you spend each day browsing social media sites. In addition to being a massive drain on your time, excessive social media use can be damaging to your mental health, social relationships, and even sleep quality. A study from the Journal of Computers and Human Behaviour found that those using seven or more social media platforms were three times more likely to have high levels of anxiety than those using two or less. If you’re not ready to quit cold turkey, at least think about setting a personal limit to daily social media time or cutting the number of platforms you are using.

Balance Online & Offline Time

When you don’t need to be immediately accessible for work, it’s okay to ignore the flow of emails, texts, and calls for periods of time. Being constantly available or “on” doesn’t give the mind a chance to wander or focus on other things. Remember, there was a time before technology had such an influence on our lives, and we all survived just fine.

Clean House

Just as a desk at the office can become cluttered with papers, empty coffee cups, and other distractions, so can your digital spaces. Take stock of each computer, phone, or tablet you may have, and delete all the old apps, documents, photos, and messages you don’t need anymore, organizing what’s left into easily accessible folders. Your home screens and hard drives will thank you.

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