The Main Benefits of Having a Mobile App for E-commerce

The Main Benefits of Having a Mobile App for E-commerce

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In 2018, 52.2% of all internet traffic worldwide came from mobile phones, an increase of 1.9% from the previous year. That means the majority of the world’s internet activity is conducted on mobile phones, a fact that should convince any business that it needs to have a mobile app for e-commerce. But aside from meeting customers and clients where they prefer to shop, there are other huge advantages that businesses can gain from developing a mobile app.


One major advantage of using mobile apps for commerce is speed. Modern shoppers are spoiled for choice, and an interface that makes them wait can cost a business users if they lose their patience and move on to a different site. Applications offer a streamlined experience that generally loads faster than a web page, whether the mobile device is using cell data or connected to WiFi.

Increased Conversion

Non-mobile e-commerce operations often rely on email to let customers know about sales, specials, etc. But the conversion rate on these types of marketing tends to be low as people can, and generally do, ignore them. Mobile apps, in contrast, employ push notifications to alert customers, and these notifications are easy for businesses to use and encourage customers to open the app in order to check out the offer, resulting in higher conversion rates than email marketing.

More Payment Options

As discussed above, speed and convenience are among the most sought-after qualities of any mobile app. In that vein, giving customers multiple payment options that don’t require inputting credit card numbers with each purchase is an easy way to make sure sales aren’t lost right at the point of payment. Mobile apps can incorporate payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. Customers can satisfy their impulse buys immediately‚ÄĒbefore the impulse has passed.

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