Project Summary

How Susco integrated optical character recognition software with an existing ERP system that eliminated hours of manual data entry and allowed the client to practically process 70,000 invoices/year, which was a 35% increase.


Our client is a marketing and procurement co-operative comprised of over 125 food service and equipment supply dealers. Their objective is to promote commerce with manufacturers, as well as provide dealers with valuable marketing, finance and information technology services.


Simplify processes and increase bottom line. Find efficient way to process goal of 70,000+ invoices. Eliminate manual keying, thereby reducing error and costs. Improve employee satisfaction and develop supplier relations. Aggregate invoice data to track individual purchase and pricing relation.

The Susco Solution

Integrate high-grade OCR software with current ERP and document management systems. Design program toward the business user. No heavy IT investment required to install, configure, or maintain. Reduce man hours by 1/3 week. Create database reflecting products line item capture ordered and what pricing they will receive. Capture individual purchase data to push to Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) database.

Business Process, Databases, Invoices, QuickBooks
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