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How to Tell When Your Old System Needs to Be Updated

After a certain point, patching and upgrading your legacy system is no longer an appealing option. No matter what you do, the system still lags behind and can’t quite seem to keep up with newer apps that push technological boundaries. At this point, upgrading your legacy system becomes imperative. As the tech world around us continues to grow and innovate, there’s no reason to be left in the dust. Look out for these signs when deciding if the time has come to convert.

Workforce Exhaustion

An old TV sitting on the side walk Over the life of software systems, the number of people capable of working within a given system framework begins to dwindle. Yes, your system may be old enough that programmers working on it have either retired or abandoned ship. When those remaining workers become hard to find and hire, they also become more expensive. Not only will a legacy system conversion improve performance, but it may also save in terms of hiring costs.

Overloaded Servers

Keeping an older system running requires many updates and patch files. Eventually, the amount of data that your system must comb through starts to overtop its available capacity. When this happens, response times fall slowly to the point of glacial loading. The resources available could be spent in a much more efficient manner with a new system.

Adjacent Systems Suffer

When a legacy system begins to struggle under the weight of age, frequent users will often exhibit ingenuity by co-opting functional services meant for other capacities. When this occurs, the new routing of data is likely to stymie any liquidity the functional service had to begin with. Not only is your initial system lagging, but now other working facets of the operation are being dragged down by the failings of another aspect of the system.

At Susco, we understand the need to stay current in the ever-changing tech world. Our legacy system upgrades offer the chance to maintain what was great about your prior setup while optimizing aspects that may have fallen behind current standards. Contact Susco today at (504) 264-9343 to discuss your options and keep your business current.

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