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Posted on: November 27, 2015

Pride Centric resources Business software integration case study

Often, software solutions can help businesses leverage the technologies they are already using more effectively in order to cut administrative hours and streamline workflows. By developing a web based time keeping system that integrates with QuickBooks, Susco has helped The IHS Group eliminate the need for manual data entry, getting employees paid more seamlessly while costing the company less.

As a result, Susco’s custom business software solution has saved the company 80 hours per week in administrative work. Now, employees’ time can be allocated to more productive avenues.

About the Client

The IHS Group is a large hospitality staffing company that specializes in the hotel and gaming industries. They have offices in five major cities and have clients across the country.

The Challenge

The process for employees and laborers to report their hours was inconsistent and time-consuming. The IHS Group needed an efficient and universal method to fill out, validate, and process hundreds of employee timesheets. Using their outdated system, accounting had to manually input time, create QuickBooks check entries, and make the customer invoice. Not only did this require more staff hours, but it also left the process more vulnerable to human error and mistakes.

The Susco Solution

Susco integrated the company’s existing software in order to create a single point of entry system that eliminates the need to manually enter data in multiple forms. With the creation of a custom web application, IHS Group employees can add customers and laborers into a database that directs them to fill in timesheets online using one streamlined program. Internally, Susco created a custom web application to automatically generate invoices to customers, ACH payments to laborers, and check entries into QuickBooks.

A process that initially required 60 hours/week of employee hours now takes the company only 10 hours/week. This benefits the company’s bottom line, while also making a great impression with customers and laborers through the easy-to-use online portal for invoices and payments.

As Susco, it is our mission to make your business as efficient as possible through the integration of technology, and it doesn’t have to disrupt your workflow or require all new systems. We can update your current processes to better serve your company’s growing needs. Learn more about internal business software solutions and client portal development. When you’re ready to discuss your project, fill out our contact form or call us directly at (504) 323-9017.

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