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Easy Methods to Give Your App Speed a Boost

The world as we know it has gone mobile at blazing speed. Unfortunately, sometimes apps can’t keep up with customer demand for performance and data. Here are three tips for ensuring the speed and overall success of your mobile app.

Use Reliable Tools to Monitor Performance

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Navigating the mobile app development process can be extremely tedious. Roadblocks can appear in many forms, and the first challenge in fixing your app speed is figuring out where exactly things are getting bogged down. This can be done by utilizing various performance-monitoring tools. Once the problem area(s) are identified, you can get to work on long-term solutions that guide network and client traffic through more appropriate channels.

Reconfigure Data Caches

Downloading from external sites can prove to be quite a drain on available resources, slowing down your app. Properly configuring your data caching settings can provide a huge boost to the app’s functionality. Data caches are memory banks that store information so users can request data faster. If there is no data record, the app must then create it and store it, which takes valuable time away from the app’s utility. Although cache configuration is best addressed through a robust development process prior to launching, it is still useful at helping to make your app run more smoothly anytime.

Compress Large Files

Ever have a friend or loved one sit on top of an overpacked suitcase so that you could zip it up? Sometimes too much data builds up, and something must be done to unburden your systems. When that happens, it’s time to compress. Similar to tossing out that unnecessary tenth pair of socks for your trip, sometimes simply reducing the size of graphics, videos, images, and other content can soften the blow of loading times. The result of compression is that app functionality is untouched while speed only ramps up. Rather than building a bloated app that teeters on the precipice of scope creep, developers should narrow the focus to guarantee a user-friendly experience.

The Susco Guarantee

When you partner with Susco to develop mobile apps or custom software, you can expect the utmost in transparency and effectiveness. Learning the hard way is not in our gameplan—our clients deserve the best in tech development and support. For more information about who we are and the services we provide, call us at (504) 264-9343 today.

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