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Track These Five Key Mobile App Metrics

For many businesses, mobile apps are an essential tool. However, it can be challenging to quantify the benefits these apps offer and make adjustments to enhance their performance. Tracking the following key metrics is a critical part of mobile app management.

Retention and Churn Rate

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Which percentage of customers return after they use a company’s mobile app for the first time? Knowing an app’s retention rate can offer insight into its performance and user experience. In contrast, the churn rate is the percentage of users who open an app once and never return.

Crash Rate

If a mobile app crashes, most users will exit it; and 53 percent of them will never return, according to surveys by Dimensional Research. Tracking an app’s crash rate by page allows developers to fix specific issues, enhancing the app’s performance and improving user retention. Businesses should also track an app’s total number of crashes to gauge the quality of the average user’s experience.

Unresponsive Gestures

Consumers get frustrated when they try to interact with part of an app that isn’t meant for interaction, like a design element that looks like (but isn’t) a clickable button. Tracking unresponsive gestures allows businesses to reduce in-app confusion and offer a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. Businesses should also monitor instances in which the app completely freezes and fails to respond to all gestures.

Daily and Monthly Users

Most companies track all-time app downloads, but how many of the people who downloaded the app actually use it every day or each month? These metrics identify an app’s most engaged users and indicate trends in daily or monthly use.

Successful Onboarding

For apps that require some type of registration, businesses should track the number of users that fail to complete the onboarding process. This can illuminate issues in either of these processes that negatively affect user experience, such as overly lengthy forms or confusing navigation.

Before your business can measure these essential app metrics, you’ll need an app. At Susco, we develop custom mobile apps that are designed to improve efficiency and facilitate the growth of your business. We have years of experience developing apps for companies as well as non-profit organizations. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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