The Future of Policing: How Susco’s Mobile App Helped Improve French Quarter Security

The Future of Policing: How Susco’s Mobile App Helped Improve French Quarter Security

World-renowned for its culture, food, and nightlife, the French Quarter is central to New Orleans’ $7 billion tourism industry. However, rising crime rates in the area and an understaffed police force that was stretched to its limits caused long emergency response times. This led to a decreased sense of security throughout the neighborhood. Thanks to the vision of a local businessman and the technological resources of an acclaimed Metairie-based software development company, an efficient solution was developed that has helped improve safety in the French Quarter.

Trouble in the Quarter

A small all black New Orleans Police Dept. vehicle

Five years ago, observers realized that French Quarter was facing a serious problem. Crime rates continued to rise, and New Orleans’ understaffed police force was struggling to keep up with emergency calls. NBC News reported that the city, under intense pressure from budget cuts, was forced to cut about 500 officers, despite a spike in crime. With public funding unavailable, there seemed to be no end in sight.

A Philanthropist’s Solution

After being a victim of theft himself, Sidney Torres IV, a local businessman and entrepreneur, decided to take matters into his own hands. By leveraging his financial position and political connections, Mr. Torres came up with the idea for the French Quarter Task Force and reached out to Susco to develop a mobile app.

Susco Takes Action

Mostly using his own money, Mr. Torres hired off-duty police officers to patrol the French Quarter in ATVs and Smart cars. Susco contributed to the program by developing a mobile app that allowed users to contact Task Force officers in the French Quarter. The app was nicknamed “Uber for cops.” It enabled the public to send photos and messages to Task Force officers to report crimes. Then, the officers could respond to their exact location to address the issue. Three months after the program’s launch in 2015, crime in the French Quarter decreased by 35%.

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