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Three Reasons to Replace Your SaaS

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Over the past decade, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become vital to the success of many businesses by providing cloud-based computing. Salesforce is a prime example. By making it easy for salespeople to organize information about current and prospective clients, Salesforce has helped numerous companies manage their teams. However, some SaaS applications cause more problems than they solve. Business owners who have experienced these frustrations should consider whether the benefits of maintaining their current SaaS applications outweigh the costs of replacing them.

High Licensing Fees

As companies grow, the number of employees using a system does too. Software purchased to originally serve 20 to 30 users may not make financial sense when use has expanded to 100 or 500 employees. Businesses may be paying $100,000 a year in per-user fees for software features that aren’t even used by all employees. Instead of continuing to invest in SaaS applications that haven’t evolved with growth, companies should consider a custom system that fits their exact workflow and ultimately saves money.

Security Breaches

SaaS applications are cloud-based, meaning companies that use them must entrust sensitive data to third-party service providers. Because each vendor hosts multiple users on the same server, valuable information may become vulnerable to hacking. Again, a little research can provide vital insight. Business owners should look into the security measures their SaaS vendors use to protect their companies. If their methods are outdated, finding alternative solutions should become a priority.

Poor Integration

Cloud-based programs provide the same services to every business they host. Sometimes a standardized model isn’t a good fit for a business’s particular needs. Additionally, integrating SaaS solutions with in-house programs may require technical knowledge beyond most companies’ current capabilities. Custom solutions are often a better fit for innovative businesses who struggle to find software that can execute the specialized tasks that are vital to their operations.

If you’ve determined that your company’s SaaS vendor no longer meets your needs, Susco can help you find a solution that does. By using our development process, we can build custom, reliable programs that increase efficiency and facilitate growth. We’ll provide you with a team that can seamlessly integrate our applications into your daily workflow. To learn more about how our custom solutions can benefit your business, contact us at (504) 264-9343.

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