How Emergent Workflows Can Slow Down a System

How Emergent Workflows Can Slow Down a System

In general, ideal business software operates solely under the conditions and functions for which it was designed. Emergent workflows occur when elements of a business software develop independently of and in conflict with its initial, intentional design. These developments often slow down entire workflow systems, creating inefficient processes that can hurt a company exponentially.

Defining Emergent Workflows

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When certain workflows and elements of internal business software develop via users’ usage of the software rather than as an intentional outcome of its initial design, the resulting unique conventions and workarounds are known as emergent workflows. This process can occur so gradually over time that businesses don’t notice that their software has developed in conflict with its initial design. Unfortunately, emergent workflows can slow down entire workflow systems, which can negatively affect a company’s day-to-day operations and overall efficiency.

The Harm of Emergent Workflows

In all industries, managing process flow and operations across diverse software platforms and systems presents a major challenge. When business software is burdened with unnecessarily tedious manual tasks, bottlenecks, poor systems integration, redundancy, and loss of operational performance, whole applications and software systems become less efficient. Luckily, a well-designed software overhaul can often fix many of the problems with emergent workflows.

Solutions to Emergent Workflows

There are several ways to improve or consolidate business software to combat the effects of emergent workflows. For example, being open to and adapting entirely new software solutions is often a very effective and straightforward way to improve workflow. A company may also seek to improve departmental collaboration, integrate real-time data analysis, and convert legacy software into standardized, streamlined new software to eliminate antiquated and inefficient business process solutions.

If your old system needs to be updated or suffers from emergent workflow, Susco Solutions can work directly with you to assess your current software capabilities and develop a customized plan to replace them with efficient, cloud-based solutions. To learn more, contact us online or call (504) 264-9343.

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