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The Future of E-commerce: Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Today, business is no longer relegated to offices or storefronts. Modern commerce is going on 24/7, delivered directly to mobile devices carried around anywhere and everywhere. Young consumers especially are eschewing the desktop and even laptop in favor of shopping on their smartphones. Businesses that don’t meet these customers where they are will find themselves losing out to businesses that do. Here are just a few of the many reasons why mobile app development is a must for any business.

The Exponential Growth of Apps

When the Apple Store opened for business in 2008, there were only about 800 apps available. Today, Android users can pick from nearly 4 million apps while Apple offers around 2 million, according to Statista. This staggering growth reflects the level of innovation in the mobile app development space, with new apps coming out daily. It also reflects the degree of integration of the mobile user experience, as more and more tasks move from computers to smartphones. While entertainment and social apps still dominate the user experience, everything from banking to public transportation to education can now be found through an app.

Benefits of Apps

So, why has app use become so popular? For one thing, an app is a dedicated portal for a specific purpose, meaning they often load faster. Apps also are designed to be used with the phone, meaning the buttons and general interface are simpler than accessing a website’s mobile page where the links are often not formatted properly for smartphone use. They also can easily integrate the phone’s features like the camera, GPS, and microphone.

Why Apps are Perfect for E-commerce

Convenience is the soul of e-commerce. Eliminating the roadblocks and lag time between when a customer decides they want something and when they actually make the purchase drives revenue up. With the creation of online shopping, people no longer have to drive to a physical store but can buy anything from the comfort of their home. Commercial mobile apps take that a step further so that customers no longer even have to wait until they get home but can purchase what they want, precisely when they want it, with a few taps.

The steep rise in mobile engagement and the opportunity to attract younger customers make mobile app development a crucial part of any business strategy, especially those engaged in e-commerce. Susco can help your business reach customers where they shop. Our innovative six-step process helps us deliver a product uniquely suited to meet your growth goals. Check out our case studies to get an idea of the work we’ve done for our clients, or contact us today to get started.

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