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How Does a Mobile App Improve Communication Within a Business?

The modern business moves at the speed of communication. Businesses can stay agile and successful if they can figure out how to relay information both rapidly and effectively to clients, consumers, and employees. Mobile app development is a great way for businesses to do this, by providing a platform for communication and data collection that matches the mobile nature of the modern employee. Here are a few ways a mobile app can be helpful.

Campus/Geographical Information

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Businesses with multiple locations or sprawling campuses can save valuable time and avoid confusion by providing information about a given location to all employees. This can range from helpful internal news updates and campus maps to parking information, shuttle bus schedules, and dining options. Mobile app development can even integrate resource information, allowing employees to check the availability of conference rooms and other facilities, and book in real-time, saving unnecessary and inefficient back-and-forth with facilities management.


The information each employee needs depends on that employee’s role within the company and their location. Rather than multiple redundant apps that may or may not be able to interact with each other, a streamlined single workforce app can be structured such that employees have access to different information depending on their personas and locations. This allows the app manager to determine who sees what information and who can communicate with whom via the app. An extra level of sophistication can be added allowing the app to determine the user’s location and tailor the information depending on which office or site they are located. This is especially helpful for businesses with employees who regularly work from different offices.

Mobile Data Entry

Top-notch mobile app development doesn’t just get information out to employees, it also allows employees to relay critical information back to the office where it can be properly flagged for action later. This can be as simple as allowing employees to insert customer orders on the go, or more advanced like Susco’s development of an optical character recognition app that greatly increased the number of paper invoices a business processed in a year.

Give your workforce the benefit of cutting edge mobile app development and see how it improves internal efficiency, flexibility, and the bottom line. At Susco, our six-step process takes you from analysis of your business’ needs all the way to implementation, giving you the benefit of our years of expertise. To start a mobile app development tailored to help your business succeed, contact us today.

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