A Unique Software Development Partner

Microsoft Stack Programming

Whether it’s augmenting an existing team, or serving as a sole development resource, Susco brings its deep knowledge of the Microsoft stack to develop quickly and effectively with code your internal team will love.

Legacy System Conversion

Whether it’s an outdated legacy system or overpriced Software-As-A-Service platform, Susco can replace it with a custom C#.NET web application that you own and has all the features to meet your current needs.

Mobile Workforce App Development

Susco works with you to develop custom cross-platform mobile applications compatible with all smartphones and tablets so your field workforce can receive and submit the critical information they need, all from the field in realtime.

We make things

Faster, Better, Stronger than Before

Susco helps companies build software better and faster than their internal teams can alone.

Many IT Leaders are getting internal pressure to deliver high quality software at a faster rate than their internal teams (or current vendors) can reasonably produce.

Susco works both on full project development as well as harmoniously under internal teams to meet demand without having to hire and manage more developers. We place a priority on good communication, so all of our developers are in-house, making it easy to communicate with the entire team.

We specialize in .NET development, which tends to be the technology utilized by midmarket companies and utilize a robust base stack or can develop in accordance with existing architecture as directed.


Align. Build. Iterate.

One-size-fits-all, just doesn’t work.

Susco understands that each business and need are different. While we have proven methods for effectively completing any project, we do not apply a one-size-fits-all process. We believe in fundamentally aligning ourselves and our SDLC processes to yours, working in concert with your team and infrastructure to deliver a unique approach that helps you transform your business.

1 Align

Before Susco dives into any software development project, we first align ourselves with your team, your goals, your culture and your infrastructure. When both teams can work harmoniously whether together or apart, we have the greatest opportunity to maximize benefits. We believe in developing relationships, not just software.

2 Build

Susco develops highly effective, state-of-the-art applications that utilize a common program language to increase reliability and efficiency. By integrating existing systems into one interface, we develop software that builds on your current processes without losing the features and workflows your staff already use on a daily basis.

3 Iterate

Whether the need is getting to market fast and then adding features in sprints, or working from a defined waterfall to improve an existing process, Susco works with you to identify and prioritize the next step and find worthwhile opportunities for improvement.

4 Assess

Susco stays in close communication with you as your team adjusts to the new software and alert you to potential ways to continue to enhance your workflow experience. We know that your needs may continue to change as your company evolves and grows and partner with you to make sure your systems continue to match your goals. Let’s Iterate

Industry Solutions

Creating intuitive software for innovative organizations.

Private Equity Portfolios

Increase the EBITA of portfolio companies by professionalizing their business process. We do this by automating manual or “excel-based” processes and replacing antiquated software, be they custom built or cloud-based.

Grants/Claims Management

Our staff has over 50 years of experience developing technology in the disaster recovery and claims management space, including complete claims management systems & grants management systems. We have extensive experience integrating with XactWare and other software used in the space.

Insurance Agencies

Replace off-the-shelf document management, CRM, and ERP software with a system you control that you don’t pay per-user licensing fees for. We build systems specific to insurance policy workflows and integrate with external parties as needed.

Government Solutions

Susco is a certified NMSDC MBE
and City of New Orleans DBE company. Susco has experience with the US Army Corps of Engineers – document management. We also have experience with Navy – digital software license management. SBA 8(a) certification in progress.

GoodFirms Badge

Case Solved

Many companies think of software as a simple means to an end—input, and then result. Susco sees software as much more important than that. For us, intuitive business software enables its users to contribute in more meaningful and fulfilling ways. Great software, Susco believes, makes great business possible.

Gilsbar Insurance

When health insurer Gilsbar discovered its subscription costs for its accounting system were set to triple from $10,000 to $30,000 a month, it looked for a lower-cost alternative.

xactanalyis integration
Alacrity Solutions (formerly known as Worley Claim Services)

The Challenge Alacrity Solutions (Alacrity) had acquired multiple companies in the four years prior to working with Susco which created the need for a number of development projects, but the company’s growth had outpaced the bandwidth of the internal development team: Users were spending hours manually updating data in estimation platform Needed to ensure hired adjusters were compliant with company […]

SDT Productions

Commercial mobile apps can help businesses reach and engage with their ideal audience more effectively by leveraging the latest technology trends. Susco helped the New Orleans-based SDT Productions develop custom mobile apps for their French Quarter Task Force initiative in order to reduce area crime and improve communication between law enforcement and residents. Since the launch of the apps, the […]


Our goal is to help break down barriers in how we perceive problem-solving.

Explore how leveraging paradigms in digital transformation can yield massive breakthroughs in personal transformation and vice versa.

My Personal Development Toolkit & History

I was just on the This Life without Limits podcast: audio here and video here! Purpose of this Post I wanted to compile a master list of concepts I’ve learned to drive personal transformation and how those concepts can be applied to one’s business / professional life. There is more content to come, but there’s […]

Reducing Costs through Innovative Claims Management Solutions

Eliminate manual processes and automate claims processing with innovative Susco solutions. This will cut costs and streamline workflows. Key takeaways: The inefficiencies inherent in traditional manual claims processing take a heavy toll on insurers: stacks of paperwork inundate employees’ desks, data is scattered across disparate locations, stakeholders are in the dark about the status of […]

Hand touching automation button inscription
Transforming Claims Management for Enhanced Profitability

Beneath the seemingly calm surface of insurance operations lie hidden expenses akin to the submerged bulk of an iceberg. These concealed costs, often overlooked or underestimated, significantly impact the profitability and efficiency of insurance adjusting firms.  Recognizing and addressing these hidden expenditures is pivotal in navigating the complexities of modern business and achieving sustained financial […]

Puzzle pieces showing the words hidden costs on and under one piece.