CareRise Risk Management Reporting System Case Study

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in the healthcare industry. From improving communications between doctors and patients to managing clinical staff, secure management systems, patient portals, and mobile-friendly applications are essential in today’s health field. Susco worked with the risk management company CareRise to update their legacy system in order to better meet these growing demands and deliver fast, reliable, and easily accessible reporting.

About the Client

CareRise serves the healthcare and insurance industries with risk management software that combines personalized technical support with a comprehensive technology platform and real-time reporting. Founded in 2000, it has been awarded U.S. patents for its software creations in 2008, 2010, and 2014. Today, their technologies help brokerages, insurance agencies, and healthcare facilities securely access risk profiles and assessments in order to improve patient safety and the quality of care delivered.

The Challenge

CareRise had a web-based system for managing their work that was built in the early 2000s and no longer reflected their internal processes and growing needs. The management system contained all their clients, facilities, risk management templates, and reports, but the system was slow and unable to be accessed offline.

The following factors prevented CareRise from meeting their organizational goals:

  • Their legacy system was very slow
  • They would lose data if connection was poor
  • It didn’t reflect their current business processes

The Susco Solution

Susco replaced their custom web-based system with QuickBase and created a custom web portal for offline reporting. QuickBase can now handle much more of their workflow compared to the legacy system, while still incorporating the previous system’s functionality and internal processes in order to minimize training and onboarding time with the launch of the new system. Susco’s custom client web portal allows CareRise to work and access reports totally offline when onsite at their clients’ facilities. The new system is faster, accessible from anywhere, and more secure than ever before.

With years of experience helping clients in the healthcare and insurance industries, our team at Susco understands the imperative need to deliver highly secure software solutions that protect patient confidentiality and sensitive information. We can help convert your legacy system or work with your team to build a custom internal business solution. Give us a call at (504) 323-9017 to discuss your project idea or current challenges.

Technologies: C#.NET; HTML/CSS; QuickBase
Date: 2014
Category: Case Study, Business, Internal Business Software, QuickBase
Tags: Legacy System, QuickBase, Reporting, Client Portal

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