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March 27, 2024

Your Make vs. Buy Software Decision Greatly Impacts Your Business Success

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Let’s compare off-the-shelf with custom software for insurance adjusting One of the most difficult aspects for insurance adjusting firms seeking digital transformation is the decision to make or buy software. It’s a strategic dilemma: Do you develop a custom software solution or purchase an off-the-shelf insurance software solution? What aligns best with your business goals, […]

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Hundred-dollar bills are going down a sink drain.

October 4, 2023

Insurance System Conversions Pitfalls Can Cost You Big

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Insurance system conversion pitfalls abound, and they can lead to big financial losses. To succeed, learn the lessons of failed insurance software conversions.

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September 21, 2023

Applicants: Is Susco a good Values fit for you?


Purpose of this Document Susco’s purpose is to enable people to contribute in meaningful and fulfilling ways by Culture is very important to us. The number #1 requirement we have for all our teammates is to have a growth mindset.  Even if you’ve reviewed our Core Values here, there’s more “under the hood” around Growth […]

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September 13, 2023

4 Ways Big-Box Insurance Tech Gives You an Edge (Plus How Susco Can Help)


From streamlining claims processing to enhancing fraud detection and prevention, big-box insurance tech has four benefits. Since the era of mainframe computers, the insurance industry has always responded to technological transformation with new products, new ways to evaluate risk, and new distribution methods to stay competitive.  Today, data is king, and big-box insurance tech is […]

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xactanalyis integration

February 22, 2023

Software Development is a Collaborative Process

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Many companies want their own app in the store. Today, a small business owner can create an app as a business, no storefront needed, and achieve great success. While this new paradigm provides great power to the small business, it also pushes business owners into a new role. This role is “conceiving and managing a […]

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