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How a Policyholder App Can Boost Your Sales Process

Adding a new product, like a policyholder app to your portfolio can seem overwhelming. IT leaders are constantly pressured to keep up with digital trends, stay ahead of the competition, and make their businesses more efficient.
Digital trends can and should be used to foster customer relationships. Attracting, securing, and retaining policyholders is key to an insurance company’s success, so your customers should be at the core of your IT strategy.

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Self-Service Options for the Modern Policyholder

There are typically many touchpoints a customer has with a business, so this can leave you wondering where to start in executing upgrades to your services. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, nearly half of participants preferred to purchase their insurance online. From the start, consumers are inclined to choose technology over human interaction and it can be assumed that they desire the same self-service for any additional activity required after a purchase is made. Insert policyholder app here. 

Not a surprising takeaway given the cultural shift to a more tech-savvy environment, but it signifies a new direction for businesses to advance in customer satisfaction. 

The insurance industry is not exempt from this approach. In fact, considering how almost every consumer needs an insurance policy of some sort, the relevance of adopting this digitalization strategy is paramount. Many companies already have an online insurance store set up but don’t have a way to enhance a customer’s experience after an insurance purchase. By introducing a policyholder app, customers can make changes, receive information, and easily chat with bots to increase their level of comfort and decrease the burden and costs associated with live interactions. 

Follow Up on Interested Leads

Prior to today’s digital advancements, traditional sales and marketing vehicles like mailers left a big question mark for companies when it came to gauging customer interest. Digital tools like mobile apps can boost your sales process into turbo mode. You’ll be able to track your mobile users’ activity and engagement levels so your sales team can be alerted of interested leads for prompt follow-up.

Personalized Policyholder Offers and Messaging

When competing for your customers’ attention, personalization can be the difference between losing and retaining a customer. Mobile apps provide a wealth of user data (demographics, location, interests, behaviors, location, time, etc.), empowering your marketing team to deploy hyper-personalized, segmented campaigns based on user interests. By personalizing content and communication at every point through the customer journey, marketers can increase engagement, retention, and revenue.

Unlock Cost Savings and Profit Maximization

With a mobile app, your insurance company is at your policyholders’ fingertips 24/7. A study by Gartner demonstrates that when you combine online chat with other self-service options, there could be a potential 20-40% decrease in call volume, lowering the number of personnel required. Labor costs diminish and profit margins increase. Policyholder apps allow for risk mitigation and cross-sell potential, and also minimized downtime spent in back and forth communication between you and your customer. These contributions translate into more satisfied, happy customers that promote your brand to their friends and family, who are loyal to you because they already have a great relationship, and are more apt to repeatedly purchase additional services because they already know the value you provide. Expanding into the policyholder app market is a no-brainer and equates to monumental cost savings and profit maximization.

Through implementing an app, your company will be able to provide customers with what they are looking for – convenience. All from the comfort of their personal phone, 24/7. If you are looking to increase your customer satisfaction and want to start with a policyholder app and want to discuss your options, reach out to our team of app developers. 

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