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How Mobile Apps are Helping Property Insurance Carriers Process More Claims

Mobile apps are changing the way the insurance industry processes claims from end-to-end. Apps provide the transparency, communication and immediacy today’s insurance industry demands. The Digital Age has placed unprecedented pressure on businesses, including insurance carriers, to modernize their processes. We’ve gathered a few of the ways insurance providers can use mobile apps to process more claims, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Workforce apps increase field adjuster productivity:

The traditional estimation process requires adjusters to gather evidence in the field and return to the office to deliver an estimate. More hours spent traveling from the field to the office means less hours in the field, and less claims processed. Using mobile workforce apps, adjusters can access the information they need, like First Notice of Loss documents and claimant information, from their phone or tablet onsite. Once adjusters have serviced a claim, they can immediately enter estimates in the app, minimizing travel time and maximizing the number of claims serviced each day.

Create visibility between claims managers and adjusters:

As adjusters enter their estimates from the field, claims managers receive updates in real-time, removing the delays frequently added to the claims management process. Managers are able to spend less time tracking claims and more time servicing policyholders. 

Improving policyholder satisfaction and customer retention:

Today’s customers have grown to expect a user-friendly digital experience and 24/7 access to their information. According to Mckinsey, digitization of the claims journey can raise customer satisfaction as much as 10 to 15 points. Mobile apps allow policyholders to access the status of their claim at any time in addition to faster claims processing times, creating a better customer experience.

As insurance apps continue increasing in popularity, carriers must adapt before they’re left behind. Keep your policyholders happy and process more claims with a custom mobile app solution from Susco. 

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